Can't Let It Go
An audio powerpoint party
26 days ago

X-Men ‘97 Proved We All Love Marvel’s Mutants

Matt & AC discover their secondary mutations

How to read X-Men's Krakoan era without losing your mind
Jon Lovett reacting to news he missed while on Survivor

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00:00:00: RIP Iceman
00:02:47: AC is somewhere else
00:03:07: Following up on Palestine
00:03:31: X-Men ‘97 RULED
00:29:56: Mutants in the MCU
00:35:28: AC read HoxPox!
00:44:14: Krakoa is over 😢
01:02:04: Q&A!
01:02:18: Stephen: “Why do the X-Men persist?”
01:08:38: rob(dot)i - “What makes a good Krakoan story?”
01:12:46: yrdad - “Dream X-Men lineups?”
01:19:18: Eric’s Corn Overload - “Top 3 X-Men?”
01:21:08: Eric’s Corn Overload - “Ok now FMK?”
01:23:41: MattPrinceComics - “X-Men: First Class is the best team movie.”
01:25:17: Eric’s Corn Overload - “Matt, are you feeling better about From the Ashes?”
01:27:12: yrdad - “How did the mutant metaphor stand up during Krakoa?”

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