Can't Let It Go
An audio powerpoint party

Free Palestine

AC & Matt remind you you don’t have to be an expert


Palestine Solidarity Toolkit

Donate to Palestinian organizations providing relief and services in Gaza and the West Bank:

BDS Movement
Our History of Popular Resistance: Palestine Reading List
Jewish Voice for Peace - First Steps for Palestinian Freedom
Jewish Voice for Peace - Take Action
Operation Olive Branch

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Music by Ethan Geller (@pragmatism on Twitter)

00:00:00: You don’t have to fact check your feelings
00:05:28: Free Palestine
00:14:28: The pressure to be an expert
00:22:41: Challenging dominant narratives
00:31:46: The pressure to be on the right side of history
00:37:21: The best time to act
00:44:21: Ongoing global genocide
00:47:16: We have (some) power
00:49:17: Pass the Hat
01:00:50: Calling In
01:08:11: Sitting in gratitude
01:12:43: You don’t have to fact check your feelings. Just your facts.

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