Can't Let It Go
An audio powerpoint party

Because Internet (with AJ)

AC & AJ talk about how we talk online

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Because Internet by Gretchen McCulloch
dril is a guy named REDACTED

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00:00:00: Because Internet
00:00:39: This one's for the queer nonbinary Italian Americans with mullets
00:05:04: Why we're here (making podcasts)
00:05:24: Talking about Gretchen McCullogh and the internet
00:08:39: AC's linguistic lore
00:10:19: AJ's linguistic lore
00:15:04: Formal and Informal communication
00:21:38: Familect
00:26:42: Strong and weak ties
00:29:02: AJ's early online life (LORE DROP)”
00:32:15: AC's early online life (or My Life as a Teenage Edgelord)
00:34:57: Oh right, source-based discussion
00:35:56: Digital communications power ranking
00:42:38: The Unbound Geography of the Internet
00:49:25: ╰(°▽°)╯ Let's talk about memes ╰(°▽°)╯
01:13:13: How do you interact with the Chronically Offline?
01:19:11: How conversations have changed and "The Chat"
01:29:11: How do you explain a plate that has Charlie the Unicorn on it?
01:34:21: Surprise! It's the end of the show!

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