Can't Let It Go
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The Matrix Resurrections and Sense8 are Connected

AC & Matt already know what they have to do

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Art by Scout (
Music by Ethan Geller (@pragmatism on Twitter)
Primer by Ethan

00:00:00 - Carrie-Anne F*cking Moss
00:01:25 - Traitors memes
00:03:10 - The Matrix Resurrections
00:06:59 - The Matrix Resurrections is Canon Fanfiction
00:18:29 - The high points of this movie
00:34:54 - Casting and Recasting
00:44:50 - Make them kiss!
00:50:08 - The Sense8 inspiration
00:52:30 - Making The Matrix Resurrections
00:55:33 - Loving people across reality
00:58:23 - Crossover time
00:58:59 - What is Sense8?
01:08:14 - Who are the sensates?
01:24:31 - This is how you do diversity
01:30:43 - Sharing talents in the cluster
01:39:21 - The August 8 cluster
01:43:16 - Sense8 is about joy. The Matrix is too.

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