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6 months ago

Regional Hot Dogs and Food Culture

AC tells Matt about the hot dog that started it all

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Art by Scout (
Music by Ethan Geller (@pragmatism on Twitter)
Primer by Ethan

From cart to shack: Curty makes an impact
A Field Guide to the Great Hot Dogs of America
Hot Dog etiquette

00:00:00: Curtis, come on CLIG!
00:01:05: Regional Hot Dogs
00:01:40: Marvel Magic
00:07:18: Keith Lee in Atlanta
00:11:38: A hot dog lore drop
00:23:22: THE Dirty Curty
00:25:28: The cultural importance of the Dirty Curty
00:31:58: AC’s favorite hot dog
00:34:16: Hot dog etiquette
00:35:04: So many kinds of hot dog
00:36:03: Simple cook out hot dog
00:37:02: New York hot dog
00:37:38: Chicago dog
00:39:41: Pickle in the fridge
00:41:12: Chili Cheese Dog(s)
00:46:46: The Halfsmoke
00:47:57: Sonoran
00:54:07: The weird ones
00:57:22: Danish/French hot dogs
01:00:22: Colombian hot dog
01:03:40: Completo
01:04:09: We love that for you
01:05:50: Food culture and identity @ Costco

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