Can't Let It Go
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11 months ago

X-Men: Jonathan Hickman's Krakoa is Solarpunk Queer Liberation

Matt & AC talk about the Krakoan era of X-Men comics

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Art by Scout ( Music by Ethan Geller (@pragmatism on Twitter)

New Intersections: Queer Futurism and the Krakoan Body Politic by Sinead Kinney's recap of book 4 of House of X. This has some photos we talk about in the episode.

00:00 - Can't Let X-Men Go
00:43 - Our history with X-Men
06:08 - House of X and Powers of X
22:17 - Krakoa
31:56 - Best friends doing best friend shit
31:59 - A fantastic aside
33:41 - Krakoan culture
35:57 - Resurrection
53:22 - Xavier and Magneto as metaphor?
1:04:28 - Dear Ryan Coogler...
1:07:27 - The inevitable Fall (of X)
1:14:57 - What's next?

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