Can't Let It Go
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4 months ago

The Very Best of Star Trek: The Next Generation

AC, Matt, Stephen, and Brendon say "space" and talk about Picard

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Episode names are at the bottom of these show notes

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Art by Scout (
Music by Ethan Geller (@pragmatism on Twitter)
Primer by Ethan

00:00:00 - Picard gets kidnapped a lot huh
00:04:35 - The Traitors
00:21:24 - Paramount+ tho?
00:24:38 - How Stephen got into TNG
00:30:00 - How Brendon got into TNG
00:36:00 - Brendon’s Episode
00:58:14 - AC’s Episode
01:16:36 - “Space”
01:17:57 - Deep “Space” 9
01:22:00 - Matt’s Episode
01:34:22 - How do we feel about Q?
01:41:13 - Stephen’s Episode
01:56:54 - More great episodes!
02:05:04 - The movies

Brendon's episode was S5E25, "The Inner Light"
AC's episode was S2E9, "Measure of a Man"
Matt's episode was S3E19, "Captain's Holiday"
Stephen's episode was S4E2, "Family"


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