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6 months ago

Sufjan Stevens Was Always Queer and Christian

AC & Matt listen to Javelin

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Art by Scout (
Music by Ethan Geller (@pragmatism on Twitter)
Primer by Ethan

Sufjan Stevens Songs Were Always Gay and They Were Always About God by Lexi McMenamin
Javelin Essays by Sufjan Stevens
Six Swans

00:00:00: Tonya Harding drag
00:01:15: Quaint* British Television
00:04:18: What we’re texting about
00:07:21: Sufjan
00:12:27: Who the f is Soof Yawn?
00:16:59: The 4 Modes of Sufjan
00:17:32: Sad banjo boi
00:22:02: Contemplative piano boi
00:28:59: Orchestral folk genius
00:36:32: Computer music big noise boi
00:44:13: A surprise 5th mode
00:46:09: God or gay?
01:25:31: The poster child of pain
01:37:46: Javelin
01:58:10: That kind of love

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