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10 months ago

The Reluctant Radicalization of Cassian Andor (and Friends)

Matt & AC talk about the TV show Andor and all of its incredible speeches


AC & Matt believe every worker deserves a union. We express solidarity with striking WGA workers everywhere, but especially on the production of season 2 of Andor. Andor is a story about workers being subjected to oppressive and uncaring systems. It is the powerful writing behind this story that moved us to make this episode. The production team should heed the values of its own show and shut down filming of season 2 while WGA members are on strike.

The Disney content machine should stop standing in the way of its writers - and all workers - getting what they are owed.

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Art by Scout ( Music by Ethan Geller (@pragmatism on Twitter)

Andor is on Disney+

00:00 - They're fine. We promise.
01:38 - A lil nugget about sequels
14:04 - Early Andor feelings
24:13 - The Reluctant Radicalization of Cassian Andor
25:47 - Cassian
42:53 - Syril Karn
49:25 - Luthen
53:43 - Dedra Meero
1:03:54 - More Luthen
1:06:42 - Mon Mothma
1:18:07 - Even More Luthen
1:20:18 - Nemik
1:35:43 - Maarva
1:41:31 - Kino Loy
1:58:56 - Luthen again!
2:00:57 - Everyone has their own rebellion

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