Can't Let It Go
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7 months ago

Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection (feat. Chase)

Chase tells Matt & AC about the 4 states of matter

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Art by Scout (
Music by Ethan Geller (@pragmatism on Twitter)

00:00:00: The 4 States of Matter
00:02:41: Callback: X-men comics
00:04:38: Spell that in Italian for me
00:08:10: Texting about Hank Green again
00:13:19: Metal Gear Solid
00:19:37: Metal Gear History
00:23:02: Who is Hideo Kojima?
00:25:23: What is Undertale?
00:28:27: Back to Kojima
00:29:31: The first game
00:33:36: Yoji Shinkawa
00:34:28: Solid Snake
00:34:43: Not just guy with gun
00:35:45: Metal Gear Solid
00:41:56: No step on snek
00:42:29: Metal Gear Solid
01:00:16: Chase’s cool shirt
01:01:34: The end of Metal Gear Solid
01:03:35: Metal Gear Solid 2
01:09:54: Raiden
01:15:40: Hideo callin’ shots
01:21:34: The accidental Cassandra Clare podcast
01:22:37: Back to Metal Gear Solid 2
01:26:29: Metal Gear Solid 3
01:47:08: What Chase can’t let go of
01:51:18: Chase the games criminal
01:52:05: AC loves The Witcher 3

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